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Ex-Muslims are those who were born or converted into the Islamic faith, but have since chosen to renounce it. After leaving Islam, ex-Muslims may choose to adopt another faith, such as Christianity or Judiasm. However, Ex-Muslims of Kerala is composed entirely of secular, non-theist ex-Muslims. 

Ex-Muslim is an accurate description of who we are today, and the religious context from which we have come. Many believers do not like to be reminded that there are those who have deliberately renounced the faith, and prefer that we hide behind more general terms like “non-believer” or “agnostic/atheist”. However, we feel that it is necessary to retain the label “ex-Muslim” in order to draw a distinction between the struggles that we face in leaving the faith and those that are faced by the average atheist. 

Atheism of those who were never Muslim to begin with is viewed as a lesser crime than our apostasy, a uniquely despicable action in Islam with uniquely severe punishments.This reaction is sadly not too surprising; rejection by those who know not what they reject is easier to accept than the one by those who know the faith only too-well. Nothing provokes a reassessment of deeply-instilled beliefs than the outspoken rejection from within the ranks, a worrying concept for demagogues and religious leaders alike.Those that call our chosen label antagonistic are often those who view our mere existence as antagonistic.

No. The organization serves those who adopt no positive belief of a deity. Otherwise known as atheists, agnostics, pantheists, freethinkers, and humanists. 

We rely on the support of our fellow freethinkers for our continued success and growth. Please donate if you can, or consider volunteering. If you have a specific project you wish to work together on, please reach out to us with details. 

Please contact Ex-Muslims of Kerala at [email protected], to get information and resources on how to build and grow your own thriving community of disbelievers. 

Please contact us at [email protected] with details about your organization and work.

For general inquiries about speakers, presenters, or interviews, please email  [email protected]. If you wish to contact a specific staff member or officer, you can find their contact information on our staff page

Contact us at [email protected], and we’ll connect you with a case officer.